Make Your MLs Miserable!

Everyone knows MLs are cheerful, happy people. It’s disgusting really how upbeat they are. Want to make your MLs miserable? Here’s your chance!

In the style of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book (shamelessly borrowed from NaNoLanta), your MLs (Samantha, Dana and Patti) have agreed to write a novel during NaNoWriMo (in addition to their own personal NaNo novels) according to whatever is decided out of this fundraiser. Everyone who donates will get to read the novel (after fixing the inevitable typos).

Here’s how it works:

First, leave a comment on this post with your pick. First come–first served. Be sure to leave your NaNo name when leaving the comment. One of your MLs will leave a comment to confirm your choice and mark it “pending”. They will also send you a NaNo mail, so please don’t forget to include your NaNo username.

Next, make your donation, in “Spokane River Writers” name and forward the receipt to spokanano at gmail dot com.  Once  confirmed, this post will be updated and the option struck out.

If you have questions, leave a comment on the Spokane Regional forum under the MYMM thread. Teams are encouraged to engage in friendly bidding against each other on the thread as well. Options for Team bidding are marked.

A few options will have deadlines so we can get writing. This fundraiser ends November 23rd.  Any options left after the deadline/end will be MLs’ choice. You don’t really want that do you?

November 5 Deadline: Genre, MC 1 & 2, Inciting Incident (Plot Point & Setting)

Items marked with an “*” are Team bids or may be purchased individually for $25. If a bidding war ensues, bids can be raised only in the standard increments listed on the OLL donations page. Feel free to pool your resources.

Things to make them miserable:

Genre – $10 to eliminate one choice
Donate 10 dollars to eliminate one genre. The MLs will write the last genre standing. If you’re determined to make your MLs write in a particular genre, one low payment of $100 in the name of Spokane River Writers will win your genre choice.

  • Adventure
  • Chick Lit
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction and Steampunk
  • Horror and Supernatural
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Satire, Humor and Parody  (Pacifika)
  • Young Adult and Youth (Pacifika)
  • Mystery, Thriller and Suspense
  • Mainstream Fiction (Pacifika)

Plot – $10 each point
Your MLs are using the plot outline from “Rock Your Plot” by Cathy Yardley.  Please submit a 3-5 sentence general description of your plot point.  Review the accepted “Setting” challenges to ensure your plot points fall within the realm of possibility.

  • Inciting Incident (Pacifika)
  • Plot Point 1
  • Midpoint
  • Plot Point 2
  • *Black Moment
  • *Resolution

Setting – $10 each
Have a setting in mind? London … the ISS … Japan … a fireworks factory … Italy … a submarine in the Marianas Trench …  Spokane … a deserted island … ?  We’re not going to promise the setting won’t change between scenes, but if you’d like to steer us to a particular location, it’s gonna cost you!

Settings don’t have to be spoken for in the order they appear in the book, but do make sure that they do not conflict with any of the set plot points at the time you submit your bid.  When submitting a bid for a setting let us know where in the plot the setting changes (Inciting Incident, Midpoint, the next scene, etc.) and where the action will be, with as much or as little detail as pleases you.

  • Setting 1 – Inciting Incident (Pacifika)
  • Setting 2 – Plot Point 1
  • Setting 3 – Midpoint
  • Setting 4 – Plot Point 2
  • *Setting 5 – Black Moment
  • *Setting 6 – Resolution

Characters – Team bid or $25 for main, $10 for secondary
Please provide a description with as much or as little information as you like, including pictures, to Spokanano at gmail dot com.

  • *Main Character – Protagonist (Pacifika)
  • *Main Character – Antagonist
  • Secondary Character 1
  • Secondary Character 2
  • Secondary Character 3

*Random Encounters & Cameos – $1 for plot/genre related, $3 for not; $5 for cameos.
Available only during write-ins, MLs will take random encounter challenges such as “include zombie bunnies” for the next word war.  There will be a maximum of two challenges per write-in unless otherwise stated. Team bidding is encouraged with highest winning. Bids are due immediately, in the donation jar.  Cameos need only submit their names and a donation in the jar, and the MLs will include the cameo appearance in the novel before the next write-in.

  • *Cameos – available
  • *Random Encounters – available

Don’t let us down, we know you can do it!
Signed,  Your Neighborhood NaNo Monsters

4 thoughts on “Make Your MLs Miserable!

  1. pacifika says:

    Arg! I’ve made a donation but have no ideas…

  2. pacifika says:

    Alright because I don’t want to make myself too miserable, and since no one else is jumping in, I’m going to take off Satire, Humor and Parody, Mainstream Fiction, Young Adult and Youth.
    Oh, yes. I have donated that and more. 😉
    Now I will add a setting. It doesn’t have to be a very long part of the plot but I really like the offer of “a submarine in the Marianas Trench”, someplace I’ve always wanted to go so I want one of the characters to go there for me.
    I think that in the setting I would like to add a plot point that Phaere (below) is studying thermal vents at the bottom of the Trench and the accompanying creatures that live and thrive near them.
    I want a Female Main Character to be named Phaere (pronounced Fi-rah and that’s a long “i” btw) Stopfgarten. I’ll leave the rest of info on the gmail for her.

    There, now we have some direction. 😉

  3. jaycegrae says:

    Thanks Patti! We’ve got your choices confirmed. =) Now where’d I put that whip…

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