It’s Alive! …er, Arrived!

… And Then What Happened? is now available for sale.
This anthology presents the work of 23 of the more than 630 Spokane-area authors who have participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) from 2002 through 2011.  Order your copy now!

Big Changes Afoot

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Google plus, you’ll notice we’ve made a few changes.  In an effort to be more recognizable, we are now the Spokane River Writers, complete with a banner, logo and brochure!

Check out our new banner in person!  This Saturday, August 11th,  we’ll be at the Garland Street Fair;  and on October 13th, we’ll participate for the second time in Spokane’s Bark For Life event!

In addition, we’ve finally published the Anthology, …And Then What Happened?, as promised last NaNo. Stay tuned for more details on where you can get your own copy and how much it will cost.  We won’t have copies yet  for you to buy by the Garland Street Fair, but with any luck we’ll have a link to the website where you can order your own copy.

As of today, SpokaNaNo is a registered nonprofit with the State of Washington, doing business as the Spokane River Writers.  This greatly increases our options for fundraising locally, and allows local business to write off donations to the Spokane Region.  The net proceeds from all our fundraising efforts (Anthology sales included) are targeted toward sponsoring donor Halos for SpokaNaNo participants this November via donations placed in their names. We’ve found this successful in the past years and will continue to sponsor participants as we are able.

Did you know that last year Spokane participants wrote 5,614,174 words during November and finished in the top 25% of regions world-wide for total words written? Amazing, I know!

Choose your favorite venue and follow our adventures!


Here’s the brochure in case you’d like to print it yourself:  spokanano brochure