How I NaNo

Everyone has their preferred software for use during NaNo. Mine happens to be yWriter. I’ve tried Scrivner and MS Word, Google Docs and even the new sites like Yarny. In the end I keep coming back to yWriter. Included below is a link to a nice guest post by the creator, Simon Hayes. He explains much nicer than I ever could the benefits of yWriter. What software do you use and why?

Simon Hayes on NaNoWriMo

~ Dana

Let the Wild Rumpuss begin!

NaNo has officially started and writers everywhere are typing away madly. I can hear the keys clicking away and pencils scratching across paper.

One of this year’s challenges is to collect words from our various social media, in addition to the ones earned from attending write-ins. You can find Words here, on our Twitter feed, on our Facebook page and in the regional forum threads. They are tradeable, but only once, and you can’t use a word you traded away.

What do we do with these words you ask? Save them, put them to work, use them for novel padding… but most importantly, bring them to the TGIO party to compete in our Word Talent Contest. The WriMo who can use the most words earned in the best sentences Wins!

To get you started here is today’s Word of the day: retort.

Now, go finish writing!