“Make ’em laugh….”

NaNo is stressful, let’s not disemble. It really is. Sure it is fun and outrageous and glorious and satisfying when done, but it is also stressful. How do you manage it? Well, one thing I recommend is viewing the daily NaNoToons by Errol Elumir.

Nanotoons: October 19, 2011

Errol captures the wonderment of new Wrimos, the excitement of returning Wrimos, and yes, the stress of the MLs. It is, to borrow a well-used phrase, “a breath of fresh air” and a burst of happiness captured in four panels.

Go, laugh a little – you might be surprised at how familiar those characters are. And yes, Dave. We are all crazy.

You write where?

One of the highlights of Nano for many of us is attending write-ins. I can confidently say for both Samantha and I, it is where most of our writing gets done. I won’t speak for Patti yet. In addition, nearly a full fifth of the total words written get done during the Overnighter – sometimes more!

Since the CdA region is so close and we’re challenging them again this year, we’d like to include them in our Overnighter. If you know of a place who’ll let thirty or so crazy typists takeover a wifi equipped, plugin friendly room please let one of us know. We’re aiming for a location somewhere around Post Falls or Liberty Lake.

Don’t forget to comment with your favorite highlight or writing space during Nano.

We’ve arrived! Have you?

Thanks to our awesome semi-techy Kristy Carey for setting up our brand new website!  Come back often and check for updates.  In the meantime, leave us your webpage in the comments and we’ll reciprocate.  =)