You know, the funny thing is, I like research. Or at least I used to.

Remember books? I remember getting an idea and heading to the library to Research (at this point in my ideamonologue, “Research” and other seemingly random capitalized words are to be sung accompanied by an angel orchestra – the assumption they’d be more skilled than 5th graders). I would dig through the card catalog (remember how that smelled? ancient wood and paper) and find Books and then hunt down the necessary Encyclopedias (remember the smell of those? Decades old, musty paper -sigh). (Make sure your singing those random capitalized words.)

It was a Glorious Quest to find the information that allowed you too expound on whatever topic your instructor required.

Glorious. (Hushed, reverent tones)

Now we have Teh Interwebz (intentional cheezeburger misspelling and spoiler alert).

You know what I’m talking about, I know you do. You can pretend to be all focus-y and business-y around other people but I know. We are not so different, you and I. (Um, am I starting to sound strangely villain-y? That’s troubling. I’d better put down my big fluffy cat.)

Where was I? Oh yes.

With the internet we have the collected knowledge of the world and a whole lot of collected opinion posing as knowledge. (Plus random weirdos posting random rants and rambles in blogs – What? – Ugh! No! Not me. I’m knowledge, I swear. – Fine, attempted entertainment. Sheesh.) We can wade through that stuff though. If we get enough info from good enough sources we can find what was and was not true about Owain Gwynedd, king of Wales (early to mid 12th century) for that historical novel or just what happens to our human bodies when exposed to the vacuum of space for 2 seconds for our sci-fi endeavour.

Which brings me to the second problem. The internet is a wild ride. Say for instance I look up the physics of what does happen to a body in space (turns out it’s not that horrific and quite survivable even after a minute). Oooo! A wild catvideo about black holes! Huh, the brontosaurus is now found to be the juvenile of the apatosaurus. ROFL Those cats are having a light saber battle! Wow! In 1962, the moon, sun and closest 6 planets all aligned within 17 degrees (which is about as good as conjunctions get) along with a solar eclipse and there were no related catastrophes. Oh, we’ve sent jelly fish to space to see how their progeny would handle gravity when they come back. Okay, Duncan Donuts has adopted shark week. That’s weird. Oh, probably sponsoring, funny. There’s a whole page and stuff dedicated to “take a bite, take a pic.” I’m not sure how I feel about that. Hey, Discovery Network. Whoa, dude! That car was obliterated. I love Mythbusters.

Wait. Where was I? What was I doing?

You get it. Hours later you remember you were doing Research and then it starts all over, thus the prefix Re-.

Yes, that is part of the fun now. Maybe in your wanderings you’ll be inspired for a new story or you’ll finally find a way to get that Turkey grease stain out of your favorite sweatshirt (I miss that shirt).

I guess it’s not really that different. I remember getting sucked into books near my target at the library.

I guess the whole point is find good resources, take good notes (remember to right down your sources so you can go straight to blue jellythem in the future), and enjoy the journey. You never know when inspiration may strike. I totally want to do a piece that includes those gravitationally confused jelly fish.

To Journal or Not to Journal Part 2

Below is really difficult to share but I realize that those of you who know me celebratewill laugh with me and those who don’t will get to know me. So here it goes. 😉 😀

Do you remember a couple of months ago in Part 1 I mentioned that I’d tell you a journaling experience. I really struggled about putting this much of me out there for the world to see but if I can help one of you, it’s worth it (so they say LOL).

This is it.

I, like many writerly and in general, artsy sorts, have doubts. I doubt my skills, my passion, my characters, my stories.panic Fighting with Doubt, trying to dodge Doubt, is exhausting. The journaling class suggests having a dialog with something that blocks you. I chose to confront That Darn Doubt.

Ah, the awkward conversation with someone you’re angry with and/or don’t trust. It started on my part with forced courtesy. I viewed Doubt as my enemy: it was in my way. Doubt’s whole attitude was friendly, helpful, casual even. Seriously?! What was up with that? Doubt had some nerve being all buddy-buddy when it worked so hard at derailing me as a published author.

It turns out, I hadn’t given Doubt enough credit. I thought I was asking hard hitting questions, things that would make it curl up in the fetal position and begging for mercy. Instead, I think it really wondered why I was asking such easy questions.

Doubt had been making me think. It brought up questions about any idea, new or old and made me analyze. Doubt had been doing its job. Doubt was awesome. We hugged it out but I still had this block, so I asked Doubt what it thought the problem was. It asked me leading questions (I think it knew but felt I should work it out on my own). I got to thinking that Faith and Doubt counterbalance. Faith must be the one I needed to talk with.

I thanked Doubt, my partner in intelligent analysis and went wandering my head looking for whipFaith. I had words for her.

Me: “Hmm, I can’t find her anywhere.”
Doubt: “Did you check the back closet?”
Me: “What? Faith is front office stuff. Why would she be in the back closet?”
Doubt (shrugs with a wink to the camera): “No idea, maybe she’s organizing.”
Me (shake my head): “We don’t organize, but I’ll look anyway.” (Kicks the stuff that’s accumulated in front of the back closet and looks around) “I don’t see anythi- wait a minute. What’s this? (I pick up a small 5 inch cube box from the back left corner and open it) “WHAT?!”
My exclamation as a 5’6″ blond takes my proffered hand and blossoms out of this 5 in cube seems to amuse Doubt. (It’s doubled over guffawing.)
Faith (smiling warmly and still holding my hand): “Whew, thank you for letting me out of there. Nice to be back to work.”
Me: “What? Why? Huh?”

It turns out that I felt she had failed me – something to do with ridiculous expectations – and I had shoved the poor thing into this box as far out of my way as possible.

So now you see my weirdness. (Bet you find some weird stuff in your head too, by the way, so no judgement.)journal

Take about 15 minutes or so and have a little dialogue with your blocks and gremlins and see where it takes you. You might be surprised what you find.

Your Story, My Story, Our Stories

“Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make introverts_smalltalkeye contact while doing it.”
John Green Thoughts from Places: The Tour

I saw this quote and had to share it somewhere. This seemed the best blog post for it.

I think many of us writers are introverts. And that’s a good thing. Never let anyone tell you any different. We are needed and we have our own important things to say. Without someone interrupting. Because sometimes we all are overly courteous and allow other people to voice their opinions over ours.

But our words are just as important.

Every one of YOUR words is important.

April and July are about getting out there and keeping the habit going. Writing daily is harder than it seems, especially in the brutal heat of our July so far. If you have the habit started in November of writing your 1667 or more words a day then way to go and keep up the great work. For the rest of us, let’s not overdo it.

The lowest goal we can set for CampNaNoWriMo is 10,000 and it’s not a bad goal. Start small, even if you beat your April goal, even if you know you can do 50,000.  It gets hot out there in July and it’s hard to think (and in our family there are a million birthdays, so we have family get-togethers constantly). If you exceed your expectations, you can always do more and raise your goal. July is a great month to enable yourself. Make your goal realistic and attainable then adjust as necessary. You can push yourself in November.umbrella-691229_640

Most important, be careful composing in the sun. Umbrellas are great shade and make you look pretty classy.

Though if you have an umbrella, people will probably try to move into it with you. So be careful of that too.

While we’re chatting (hahaha Okay, I’m chatting), Make sure you check out the sponsor offers at Camp

Happy writing. 😀

POV, Flash Fiction, and Honing Your Craft

(aka-One topic was too short so I added stuff)

We are given the option as creative beings to write from any POV (point of view), um, excuse me, any POV as long as there’s only one per scene and it’s not ours. In other words. First person is fine (from the character’s POV), and third person limited is fine. No omniscient. In spite of the fact that we as the writer and creator of the story knows all and sees all that goes on with our characters, we’re not allowed to write it.

I remember through grade school that omniscient was okay. Apparently omniscient is one of those childish things that we’re supposed to put off when we’re grown, like giggling at bodily functions and sticking out our tongues. 😛 What-ever. I intend to giggle until my dying breath.

So being a good lemming – okay, I’ll admit it, a lemming who wants to sell – I changed POV to third-person limited.

Darn it! It turns out they’re right. One POV per scene is working so much better. Cleaner, tighter. And Head hopping confusion yes, less confusing.There are solid reasons for this. “Head-hopping” as it’s been called can be leave the reader uncertain as to whose head their in during any given conversation or action. We may think that we’re giving them the information they need but chances are what was in our head didn’t fully translate to paper.

The best thing is that it’s become a puzzle and word game for me. How can I turn this conversation between estranged sisters into a compelling scene from only one sister’s view? Cut, cut, reword, cut.  Ah-ha!

I’m not saying it gets easier to rewrite but, I do know now that I’m aware of it, I’ll be writing better. That means less rewriting. 😀 And that is a very good thing.

A great way to practice this is Flash Fiction. Now Flash Fiction is a full story (beginning, middle, end) written in 100-1000 words depending on who you ask. A great goal is midway, 500 words. (Mine tend to be around 600-700.) This is a great opportunity to work on POV and also to work on word choice. You have to get rid of all of the extraneous words such as adverbs and excessive adjectives and the extra “ands” and extra “thats”. (See what I did there.)

Check out Holly Lisle’s Flash Fiction that Doesn’t Suck (clickable link and the class is free). She has a great program to help. I mentioned this program before in The Eternal Question post and how I have to work it. Try it out when you have a bit of time. It doesn’t take much.

Doing these Flash Fiction pieces can really help develop some great writing skills; brevity, precision and POV.

Have you tried Flash Fiction? Give it a shot and work to make a full story with clear point of view for each scene (if there’s more than one) and very concise words.

Good luck.

Off To Camp – July 2015 CampNaNoWriMo

(aka Campy Campy Camp Camp)

And so we meet again. Me, the de facto camp counselor and you, the intrepid Warm Weather Warriors of cabin-768716_640Wordsmithiness (I can’t help it, I LOVE unnecessary alliteration [I wanted to go with gratuitous but it didn’t alliterate as nicely]).

As we step forth and prepare for another month of crazed creativity it’s good to look back at our past.

What did we learn in April? Did we exceed our expectations or did we expect too much? Did we find brilliant ways to express our story or were we frustrated with limiting words?

Did we fly? Or did we fall?

Allow me to answer that for you (trust me, I’m a  professional*).

You flew! (Does flew look weird to anyone else? It’s right, I checked. Okay, moving on…)

YOU FLEW! I know you don’t think you did, but you did! You FLEW like a crazy Bird of Words. Remember, if you added anything at all, you did something. And something really and truthfully is better than nothing. It’s not just an overused saying. And seriously, I’m not just saying this to placate, enable, or patronize you.

YOU flew.FlashBuddy bald-eagle-521492_640

Writing is surprisingly difficult. Do you know how many stories have wandered through my head that were never written down? (You probably do, you’ve had them too.) So you know how hard it is to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, thumbs to phone. And then, if you manage that, you sit and tap your fingers, not writing, just tapping a surface, all words having fled the mind. Frustrated, you slap your hands on the table and get up and actually clean the house (we all do it, my house is never tidy, but in November things get put away – it’s weird). You stalk to the kitchen to do dishes or eat your frustrations (disguised as Oreos and Cheetos) then pace back to your chair.

Eventually you start with anything that pops in to your head (it might be the Cheetos/Oreos combination talking, but go with it).

A sentence or two is written. You’ve done it! It flows.

People who don’t write do not get it. They assume it’s so easy. How hard can it be? they mock. But they don’t know. They don’t understand how hard it is. You pour yourself out and hope that someone loves it as much as you.ClkerFreeVectorImages proud figure-25590_640

And you did that. You boldly got those words out of your head.

I’m so proud of you. :’-D

So as we move into July’s camp just remember

If you flew once, you can do it again. 😀

*Hehehe A professional what? (Okay, I am actually a Life/Nutrition Coach among other things. I’m sure this falls under the life coaching aspect.)