Page ‘o Plenty

Misplaced your handout?

Dragons eat your plot?

Typo-deamons erase the last thirty minutes of noveling?

Here’s your answer! In the folds of this page you can find ideas, fixes and even magical stickers of smiting +1!

Good luck and remember – backup your work! Typo-deamons are nasty buggers!

* * *

How to contain your Inner Editor:  First take a nice square piece of paper and draw your Inner Editor.  With that picture facing you (up), follow these easy instructions and fold that creature into an envelope for safe keeping!  Don’t worry, it can survive just dandy until December.

* * *

One Wrimo’s answer to finishing:  The Pantser’s Cheatsheet

* * *

The perfect skin for your laptop!

Laptop Warning Label

* * *

Need some words?

Need another word for sad?

* * *

Are you stuck? Here’s some help!


Novel Emergency Matrix


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