You know, the funny thing is, I like research. Or at least I used to.

Remember books? I remember getting an idea and heading to the library to Research (at this point in my ideamonologue, “Research” and other seemingly random capitalized words are to be sung accompanied by an angel orchestra – the assumption they’d be more skilled than 5th graders). I would dig through the card catalog (remember how that smelled? ancient wood and paper) and find Books and then hunt down the necessary Encyclopedias (remember the smell of those? Decades old, musty paper -sigh). (Make sure your singing those random capitalized words.)

It was a Glorious Quest to find the information that allowed you too expound on whatever topic your instructor required.

Glorious. (Hushed, reverent tones)

Now we have Teh Interwebz (intentional cheezeburger misspelling and spoiler alert).

You know what I’m talking about, I know you do. You can pretend to be all focus-y and business-y around other people but I know. We are not so different, you and I. (Um, am I starting to sound strangely villain-y? That’s troubling. I’d better put down my big fluffy cat.)

Where was I? Oh yes.

With the internet we have the collected knowledge of the world and a whole lot of collected opinion posing as knowledge. (Plus random weirdos posting random rants and rambles in blogs – What? – Ugh! No! Not me. I’m knowledge, I swear. – Fine, attempted entertainment. Sheesh.) We can wade through that stuff though. If we get enough info from good enough sources we can find what was and was not true about Owain Gwynedd, king of Wales (early to mid 12th century) for that historical novel or just what happens to our human bodies when exposed to the vacuum of space for 2 seconds for our sci-fi endeavour.

Which brings me to the second problem. The internet is a wild ride. Say for instance I look up the physics of what does happen to a body in space (turns out it’s not that horrific and quite survivable even after a minute). Oooo! A wild catvideo about black holes! Huh, the brontosaurus is now found to be the juvenile of the apatosaurus. ROFL Those cats are having a light saber battle! Wow! In 1962, the moon, sun and closest 6 planets all aligned within 17 degrees (which is about as good as conjunctions get) along with a solar eclipse and there were no related catastrophes. Oh, we’ve sent jelly fish to space to see how their progeny would handle gravity when they come back. Okay, Duncan Donuts has adopted shark week. That’s weird. Oh, probably sponsoring, funny. There’s a whole page and stuff dedicated to “take a bite, take a pic.” I’m not sure how I feel about that. Hey, Discovery Network. Whoa, dude! That car was obliterated. I love Mythbusters.

Wait. Where was I? What was I doing?

You get it. Hours later you remember you were doing Research and then it starts all over, thus the prefix Re-.

Yes, that is part of the fun now. Maybe in your wanderings you’ll be inspired for a new story or you’ll finally find a way to get that Turkey grease stain out of your favorite sweatshirt (I miss that shirt).

I guess it’s not really that different. I remember getting sucked into books near my target at the library.

I guess the whole point is find good resources, take good notes (remember to right down your sources so you can go straight to blue jellythem in the future), and enjoy the journey. You never know when inspiration may strike. I totally want to do a piece that includes those gravitationally confused jelly fish.

One thought on “Re-freaking-search

  1. Wonderful, you made my day. Thank you Pacifica

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