Your Story, My Story, Our Stories

“Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make introverts_smalltalkeye contact while doing it.”
John Green Thoughts from Places: The Tour

I saw this quote and had to share it somewhere. This seemed the best blog post for it.

I think many of us writers are introverts. And that’s a good thing. Never let anyone tell you any different. We are needed and we have our own important things to say. Without someone interrupting. Because sometimes we all are overly courteous and allow other people to voice their opinions over ours.

But our words are just as important.

Every one of YOUR words is important.

April and July are about getting out there and keeping the habit going. Writing daily is harder than it seems, especially in the brutal heat of our July so far. If you have the habit started in November of writing your 1667 or more words a day then way to go and keep up the great work. For the rest of us, let’s not overdo it.

The lowest goal we can set for CampNaNoWriMo is 10,000 and it’s not a bad goal. Start small, even if you beat your April goal, even if you know you can do 50,000.  It gets hot out there in July and it’s hard to think (and in our family there are a million birthdays, so we have family get-togethers constantly). If you exceed your expectations, you can always do more and raise your goal. July is a great month to enable yourself. Make your goal realistic and attainable then adjust as necessary. You can push yourself in November.umbrella-691229_640

Most important, be careful composing in the sun. Umbrellas are great shade and make you look pretty classy.

Though if you have an umbrella, people will probably try to move into it with you. So be careful of that too.

While we’re chatting (hahaha Okay, I’m chatting), Make sure you check out the sponsor offers at Camp

Happy writing. 😀

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