Them’s Fighting Words!


Do you recall how Tacoma has challenged us to a word count challenge, to be judged by average words per author?  These widgets show how we’re doing – sort of.  The widgets don’t return a value for average words per author in each region, but they do give us the total words written, and the number of active authors in each region and we can do the math from there

372 Spokane authors having written 6,032,647 words (as of the time of posting this) = 16,217 average words per Spokane author

482 Tacoma authors having written 7,352,954 words = 15,255 average words per Tacoma author.

The percentage figure is the percent “done”, presumably averaged out for the total number of regional authors.

Go Spokane!

About dichotomy6958

I’m Samantha Potter, a not-quite newlywed, grandmother, paralegal, author and volunteer; usually, but not always, in that order.

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