We Week Two, do you?

“Shuffle, duffle, muzzle, muff. Fista, wista, mista-cuff. We are men of groans and howls, mystic men who eat boiled owls”.

Bartholomew and the Ooblek by Dr. Seuss

So say the king’s magicians of themselves. They create all manner of havoc when the king asks. Why did he ask?  He was bored with the normal. Bored and needing some inspiration, something new. Just like you in Week Two!

What’s Week Two you ask? It is a miserable time of NaNo. Worse than the Editing Doldrums of December.  (I just trademarked that.)  Your characters flee and hide in corners, refusing to talk to you. Your plot points vanish into thin air. And worst of all – you start thinking that mountain of dirty laundry and dust piles and crusty dishes look enticing! What’s a writer to do??

There are a few thing to snap you out of it and break that rubber band of recurring disaster.

  • First – take it to the threads! Everyone suffers this malady at some point in their NaNo career. Reach out and create a thread if there is isn’t one; if there is, read through it for fabulous ideas on how to make your novel behave and get your mojo back.
  • Second – take a break! Give yourself permission to take a day off and do something fun. Go see a movie, read a book, get a massage, go mall walking.  Replenish your flagging energy so it’s raring to go when you sit back down at the keyboard.
  • Third – if you haven’t already, attend a write-in in person. Being there in person is important to your weary writer brain. Enthusiasm is contagious and where better to find it than at a write-in! Join in the word wars even if you are simply typing “I know nothing.” over and over. Getting those fingers moving will eventually wake up your sleepy muse and she’ll look at your repetitive sentence in horror and give you something better to write.

Whatever you choose, remember the lesson from Bartholomew. Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it!

Missed a few of our ML reports? You can catch up on all our Seuss-ish fun on the Spokane Regional NaNo threads:  Here!

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