NaNo Week One (and counting)

*Cough Cough*  Please pardon the dust. We seem to have missed October a bit.  There was that one post about Food Prep for NaNo, but we seem to have lost the rest of the month.  Sorry about that.  Our intentions were good, of course, but the flurry of MLness sort of took over.  The good news is we’re back!  And mostly on track even.

There is a wonderful thread of Dr Seuss-ness on our NaNoWriMo Regional forum:  How Dr. Seuss Does NaNo.  Being as it is our adopted theme this year, and where we are going to put the many ML communications in lieu of spamming your email inbox, you should check it out!

We have a lot of new faces in the area and first timers as well.  Please take a moment to reach out to them. Add them to your buddy list, share your expert advice on How to Survive NaNo or just say, “Hi, how’s your word count?”.  They can all be found in our Welcome thread.

Remember Tacoma/Pierce County?  We beat them soundly in a one-day word war last year.  This year they have challenged us to a month-long word war.  Of course we said, “Bring it!”, but then they added about 100 more writers, and Azombieatemyshoelace defected to their region!  Not to worry, we acquired several new writers-of-mass-word-count this year and our average per writer is higher.

Lastly, don’t forget we are still taking submissions for the regional anthology, “And Then What Happened? Vol. 2”.  You can send us anything written this past year, including poetry and black & white photos or drawings.  We’d like to have your submissions before Thanksgiving.

Contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, email or comments below.  Then get back to writing!  Week two is approaching fast! How’s your word count?

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