How House-hunting is like NaNoWriMo


Many things are compared to participating in NaNoWriMo, for example – house hunting. Why house-hunting? Because that happens to be what I am doing at the moment. If all goes well, we’ll be moving before NaNoWriMo and settled in time to write with only the usual distractions.  But if not, this may show up in my novel!

How, exactly, are they similar? Read on. For the purposes of simplicity, house-hunting activities will be listed first with the corresponding NaNo activites listed directly below.

1.  You’ve decided to buy a house and you are super excited;
     You’ve decided to write a novel during NaNoWriMo are are super excited!

2. You talk with the bank about loans, fax off all the documents needed and (Yay!) you have pre-approval;
    You sign up on the site, download your writing program, put all your pencils, notebooks and writing reference books needed (No Plot, No Problem anyone?) in one place.

3. You immediately start looking at available houses in your pre-approval price range;
    November 1 midnight arrives and you furiously begin writing.

4.  After days of exploring houses, you can’t find a house you like in your price range and you feel discouraged;
    Week two finishes up and you realize your novel is pure rubbish and feel the dreaded midway jitters and want to give up.


5.  Your realtor gives you a pep talk and you keep looking through houses, contemplating compromises;
 You reread the pep talks in your e-mail inbox and despite despondancey you plow through the story to Week 4.

6. You find a house that works and make an offer that is accepted!*;
 You realize your story is on the easy, downhill side and race to the finish!

7.  Closing day arrives, you sign the final set of papers and your realtor gives you the house key!
     You write “The End” and validate your story to Win! Time to party!

*or alternately, start over at #6 & redo.

house keys

Of course there are details not mentioned, such as the house inspection, appraisal & waiting until the closing date (creating characters, filling plot holes and making it all fit). But those are minor things.  The important part is you have a house (or Novel)!


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