August Writing Challenge


Submissions are open for Volume II of … And Then What Happened?

We will accept flash-fiction, short stories, excerpts of longer work, poetry, writing-themed essays, and (black & white) photography and artwork.

What’s that you say? You don’t have anything written?  Here, let us help you!

There’s this photo of a bear – what’s he saying? He’s obviously in the middle of a conversation. Tell us what he’s saying.

Photo credit: Mari Miniatt c/o imagur

Photo credit: Mari Miniatt c/o imagur

And here’s a chicken!  Not by the side of the road of course, but she could tell you some  great gossip about the neighbors.

Photo credit: Jezra Lickter

Photo credit: Jezra Lickter

Or take a page from R.J. Blain’s book of writing and tell us about your character’s no good, horrible, terrible, very bad day. (I’m not quoting, honest!)

Post questions and inquiries here, but please don’t post your submissions here — email to submit a piece for consideration in the 2013 anthology.

Happy writing!

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A writer, learning.

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