Archery: Hitting the Mark


Here is your bow, over there is the archery range, the counselor announces, pointing. You are giddy with the excitement born from years of pretending to be Robin Hood in the “forest” at the park. You can almost see the Sheriff of Nottingham sniveling at your feet. You can hear the “whiff” of the arrow slicing through the air on its way to the center of the target. You scoff at the idea of being only 15 yards from the bales of hay holding the targets. You scoff at the bales of hay. You’ve been practicing archery for years. It doesn’t matter that it was all in your head, visualization has helped athletes (like you) for years.

bow arrows

You confidently step up to your mark, knock your arrow, draw back and let fly! You lose it as it sails effortlessly toward the bull’s eye. You hear a loud “Yelp!” off to your left and wonder as you stare at you target, what that was about.

You find out soon enough. The bow is taken from your hand and you are led over to some benches by one of the counselors.


“So, what were you thinking?”

“What? I’m really good at archery.”

“Clearly, you are not.” The counselor indicates another counselor who is being laid down on a stretcher with an arrow in his keister and carried off.

“I didn’t do that!?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, you did.” The counselor looks at his lap. “You’re enthusiasm is admirable but let’s start again.”

hay bail

Three weeks ago we set a target for a word count that we each wanted to reach. Last week we were halfway through the month. Were you at your halfway mark? Were you anywhere near your halfway mark? How about now?

The nice thing is that this month, for Camp NaNo, we can change where the target is up until the end of April 24th. Feel free to move your target. Enjoy and exercise the freedom given to you by our gracious Camp NaNo hosts. Move your target forward if you are nowhere near it. Move it back to challenge yourself if you are near to it.

The nice thing is that this is the last full week of your writing. Your characters are fleshed out, your plot is thick enough. From here it is basically all “downhill”, gravity takes over from here and you will have to work to stop the momentum of your story.

So shoot away at that target. No keisters will be harmed.

archery merit badge

3 thoughts on “Archery: Hitting the Mark

  1. Mark says:

    Hahah, this was so hilarious! I hope the tournament accident didn’t really hapen in real life to anyone? 🙂

  2. pacifika says:

    LOL No, not really. 😀

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