Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013!

2013-Participant-Facebook-Cover (1)

Please get checked in and settle into your cabins. This will be a fun month of fantastic camping fun and activities. You are going to meet new friends and hang out with old ones. You’ll try your hand at new tasks like less word padding, finishing a novel, outlining for the next NaNo, or even writing your first script or graphic novel. That is what this camp is for.

So first things first. Let’s get your contraband. Come on, turn out those pockets. *Gasp* What is THAT?! That looks like an Inner Editor! Did you bring that in here?

Well, never mind. I’ll just take that. You can have it back when camp is over and you head back to your other life. Until then, that inner editor will be safely locked up in the office. No, don’t even bother asking nicely. You can’t have it back until then. There’s a good camper.

Look over the list of activities and decide on your target word count. Fill in your Camper info on the Camp website. Get to know your cabin mates. Drop into the lodge (aka our Spokane regional forum) and chat with some of the other campers and find out where to hang out and write. We have a few informal and unofficial write-ins for the month.

Off you go now. Change into your swimming clothes and go enjoy our first activity, swimming.

cartoon lakeLater, at the lake…

Okay, campers, listen up. This is where we all start. First we read the list of rules. Well, guidelines really.

1. No running on the dock. (Safety first, you know)

2. No foul language in the forums. (This is a family camp, after all.)

3. DO NOT try sneaking into the office to steal your inner editor. Trust me, it’s safer in there this month.

4. Have fun!!!

Now, campers, we are going to jump in with both feet. We are going to swim around and get our bearings. We are going to splash and swim and have fun in the big lake of creativity. We are going to get soaked in Word Count and we are going to drench our companions and fellow campers. We will laugh.

So this is it, campers! Get out there, have some fun and make some memories!

~ Your Camp NaNo Counselors:  Pacifika, Dichotomy6958, & Jaycegrae

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013!

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  2. […] Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo: April 2013! (spokanano.wordpress.com) […]

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