Write-ins, Rebels and Cupcakes?

April Camp NaNo Screnzy is here! Or is that frenzy? Either way, writing is imminent! Can you feel the rush of excitement and the trembling of multitudes of fingers poised over their keyboards?  I can.

camp_nano_logoBut what is Camp NaNo you ask?  Camp NaNoWriMo, NaNo for short, is a relaxed get away in the comfort of your own home, perfect for finishing up that pesky novel you’ve been working on, or that manuscript you started last year positive it’s the next blockbuster movie of the season.  It’s a month-long vacation from the stress of writing 50,000 words (although you can write that many if you’d like), allowing you to set your own writing pace whether it be words written, pages written or even pages edited.

Because this is a writing challenge, there is a minimum goal of 10,000 words for the month, which works out to 334 words a day. That’s just over one page’s worth of words, double spaced with one inch margins using 12 pt Courier font.  Easy peasy!  And if you’re doing scripts, with dialog, that’s approximately 3 to 4 pages (Don’t quote me, I may be wrong. I don’t write Scripts).

Are you confused yet?  Simply put, Camp NaNoWriMo is an easier, relaxed version of November’s event with a variable word count goal you set yourself and allowing for all types of writing, including scripts. It starts April 1st and ends at midnight April 30th.  There is also Camp in July with all the same rules if April doesn’t work out for you.

typewriter old

Will there be Write-Ins?  Funny you should ask.  Just yesterday your NaNo Co-ML, Pacifika (aka Patti Mitchell), sent me a text asking if it was too early to post write-ins for April’s Camp.  (She directed Script Frenzy for years and is fearlessly taking on Camp NaNo in its absence.)  “Of course not,” I answered, “but you get to run them!”  Therefore, keep your eyes on the SRW google calendar, viewable in the Spokane Regional forums here, for weekly write-ins.  Details for each will be posted there.

wild cat

Rebels?  Rebel status is conferred upon anyone who participates in Camp by writing something other than a fictional novel.  Be brave!  Write a script, edit a current Novel-in-Progress or finish your thesis for school.  You’ll be in good company.

book cupcakes

What’s this about cupcakes? I want one!  Me too, so make sure you come to our last write-in where we will celebrate winning!  And don’t forget to subscribe to this website.  Patti will be posting Camp themed pep talks and more details on how to get those elusive cupcakes!

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