Help me Obi Wan…

notepadSo you’ve decided to join the ranks of S’more eating, sleep deprived, coffee guzzling (or tea, we don’t judge) campers. You’ve signed into the Camp NaNo website, dutifully filled out your profile and novel info, and requested your cabin mates. Your pen is full of ink, your laptop battery is full and you have a stack of notepads nearby. Now what?

There are still three weeks before you can start on that novel. Here are a few links to places that can help you whipkeep that excitement and motivation – well, at least the motivation.

1)      Write or Die: This lovely little evil program helps keep you typing by simply deleting words one letter at a time if you stop. Don’t worry, you get a warning first. Cost: free online version, or $10 donation for laptop download.

2)      750 Words: An online version of Morning Pages™, this nifty website rewards your daily writing with points and colorful, fun badges. The more points and consecutive days you write, the more badges. Beware, nothing is saved, so if you want to keep your words, type them somewhere else and copy/paste them to the website. Cost: free with registration.
* has a simple 8-step guide to increasing your writing streak.

3)      Cara Michaels’ #WIP500: An honor system of tracking your words each day (500 is the goal), this website comes complete with Twitter and G+ encouragements. Cost: free with registration.

4)      Don’t Break the Chain!: A year-long calendar in pdf form, allowing for crossing off each day you complete your goal – whether that be writing, art, homework, etc., this calendar is very popular with many writers. Cost: free.

5)      WriteTrack: This is an online goal tracker. Input your start and stop dates, your goal/project name, and the total number of words. The program outputs the number of words per day needed to reach your goal in calendar form. Cost: free with registration.

typingIf it’s new programs you’re looking for to stave off the boredom of waiting, try out these:

1)      Liquid Story Binder: Similar to Scrivener™ in that it helps organize your work, LSB also is great for adding and keeping track of playlists, custom art and audio files. It even includes MindMapping. Available for Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP. Cost: Free 30-day trial; $45.95 for license.

2)      Writer’s Café: This European program can be run on Windows, Apple & Linux platforms. Word and Scrivener users will find it familiar. Cost: Free trial version; $40 license.

3)      iaWriter: A no-nonsense, no frills typing platform for Apple products. Available via the Apple store. Cost: $4.99 for laptops; $0.99 for iPads, iPhones.

Do you need prompts to get your pen moving?

Visit Write on Edge.  New inspirations are offered every Monday. Use one or pensboth, keeping under 500 words, then share (or not). You can read what other people have written if you’re stuck!

For chatter, join a G+ community, find inspiration on FaceBook or subscribe to our blog. We may not be your “…only hope,” but we do have extra tents. Just don’t ask to share our chocolate!

See you at Camp!

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