Muse… What Muse?

Do you have a favorite place to write
or can you write anywhere?

Does your music need to be just so?  
Perhaps you have a special writing pen
or tchotcky that acts as your muse?  

No? Never fear – we can help you!

During the month of November we visit many places in our quest to complete the 50K word challenge. Libraries and coffee houses, video hangouts and chat rooms, sandwich shops and the ever popular *personal home are our hosts.  One is sure to work for you!

Is your music just not cutting it anymore? Spokane Nano writers freely share their play lists on the forum. Peruse their choices and try one or two out. You might find you like it!

Need a muse and not an inner editor? Visit a write-in and pick one up!  You’ll discover them hiding in Word Wars, the Haunted Book of Challenges and in the Bucket of Goodness. On very rare occasions, they peek out of your MLs’ pockets! In addition, MLs offer a safe place to drop off your inner editor. It can play with the others, while you work without interruption!

Be brave! Tell us what you need to write this November and throughout the year.

*No personal homes revealed or outed. A woman’s home is her kingdom after all.  

About jaycegrae

A writer, learning.

One thought on “Muse… What Muse?

  1. Carol Peters says:

    That’s “queendom.”

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