Which do you prefer?

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” ~ Isaac Asimov

There is an interesting challenge going around – handwriting your novel instead of typing it.  The basic premise behind handwriting a novel is this: the slower pace creates a better story and in transcribing it afterward to the computer you are already performing your first edit.

Of course, that means for you outliners/plotters of NaNo it requires a bit more pre-planning than normal, allocating pages per scene, etc.  And for you freewriters/pantsers, you could really write yourself into a black hole and have to come up with some wild and crazy way to redeem your story.  Both varieties mean an increase in pen and paper consumption (stock in Staples anyone?) and perhaps even some muscle rub for the overused writing hand. But it could be fun.  No, really.  NaNo is all about getting the story out and not deleting anything.  What better way to not delete than by handwriting?  You might have to get creative and find paper you’re more likely to not tear up and throw away (composition books?), but you get to use all kinds of cool, colorful pens and pencils.  I prefer flat-nibbed fountain pens myself.  The writing looks so elegant; just don’t read it.

Your clever MLs (us) even have a NaNo approved way of verifying your word count should you hand write your story this year.  Plus, we can give you a math formula to calculate WPM so you can participate in Word Wars.  The choice is really up to you.

What is your favorite way to write, and why?

*For more information about handwriting vs keyboarding, visit the links listed below.

Dan Absalonson:  http://www.dandantheartman.com/p/novel-experiment.html

Kelly Thompkins:  http://justkellyswritingblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/nanowrimo-project-update.html

Fountain Pen Network:  http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?/topic/98054-writing-fiction-longhand/

Patrick McLean:  http://www.patrickemclean.com/2009/01/a-defense-of-writing-longhand-2/

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2 thoughts on “Which do you prefer?

  1. The two processes result in totally different kinds of writing for me. When I compose via keyboard, it feels like the words are pouring straight out of my fingers, and it’s not unknown for words appear on the screen that surprise even me (or my conscious brain, at least). Conversely, when I hand-write, not only is the process of getting the words down slower, but my brain is more involved. I’m planning and scheming, exploring plot twists and deeply hidden character traits.

    And it’s not just the writing implement that can change the feel for me. The medium the words are deposited on makes a difference, too. Writing on a legal pad results in a different outcome than when I use notebook paper. When I’m writing in a bound journal I’m more likely to discover unplumbed depths in a character — the intimacy of a diary is more likely to entice them to share their secret desires (or nefarious plans, as the case may be).

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