Mmmm, tomatoes!

“The Slow Writing Movement” by Cathy Yardly

Is your writing a business? Or perhaps art? Have you considered it similar to farming?  Cathy Yardley has.  Her latest blog, The Slow Writing Movement, discusses how to enjoy your writing and make it a sustainable crop. She uses heirloom tomatoes instead of books, but don’t let that stop you from reading.  Here’s a sample:

“While a delicious, luscious heirloom tomato can be a thing of art, I don’t think farmers think of themselves as artists.  They know that there’s craft, science, and hard work in what they do.  The plants don’t give a damn if your Muse is feeling recalcitrant.  The land needs what it needs.  And every day is different.”

She mentions a writing group like a Guild in the comments: a group of writers that help each other grow their sustainable “crop” of writing; a place where writing is a favorite crop to be grown, shared and enjoyed by friends; where editing equals weeding a garden.  Check out Ms. Yardley’s blog and join us in farming.

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