How I NaNo

Everyone has their preferred software for use during NaNo. Mine happens to be yWriter. I’ve tried Scrivner and MS Word, Google Docs and even the new sites like Yarny. In the end I keep coming back to yWriter. Included below is a link to a nice guest post by the creator, Simon Hayes. He explains much nicer than I ever could the benefits of yWriter. What software do you use and why?

Simon Hayes on NaNoWriMo

~ Dana

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2 thoughts on “How I NaNo

  1. I think everyone can guess what I’m going to say is my favorite. I’ve been advocating it for a bit now. [ This be Countess. ]

    My favorite software to use is the Microsoft Suite. Mostly, OneNote. I’ve checked out Scrivner, which looks super user friendly. But I’ve found the customization and the compatability with both Excel [ which I use often ] and Word [ which I stare at blank docs often ] that made OneNote my main choice. Since it came with the previous two already, and it’s a great way to organize everything, I’ve been hooked. I group my worlds that I build with setting descriptions, I have my characters under those worlds. I have project notes, my writings grouped by setting… and it’s just a really great way to keep track of all my things. Adding reference pictures, links, taking screen shots… I love it.

  2. I suspect that I’ll be using yWriter to organize the second draft. (Too many scenes, plot lines and people.)

    OneNote does have some tempting possibilities though.

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