You write where?

One of the highlights of Nano for many of us is attending write-ins. I can confidently say for both Samantha and I, it is where most of our writing gets done. I won’t speak for Patti yet. In addition, nearly a full fifth of the total words written get done during the Overnighter – sometimes more!

Since the CdA region is so close and we’re challenging them again this year, we’d like to include them in our Overnighter. If you know of a place who’ll let thirty or so crazy typists takeover a wifi equipped, plugin friendly room please let one of us know. We’re aiming for a location somewhere around Post Falls or Liberty Lake.

Don’t forget to comment with your favorite highlight or writing space during Nano.

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4 thoughts on “You write where?

  1. Tammy says:

    Have you tried the Liberty Lake Municipal Library yet? I live down the street and mentioned hosting a Nano event to one of our librarians last year. She showed an interest. Lots of comfy chairs and a nice big computer bar …

    • jaycegrae says:

      That sounds great. Can you give us her contact info? Or ask? We can get you specifics.

      • Tammy H. says:

        The Library Director’s name is Pamela Mogen. (Her published name is Pamela Aiden.) Phone # is (509) 232-2510. Pls tell her Tammy sent you! I mentioned it to her at our Library’s Halloween Party last Friday and she thought it was a great idea. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to a write in but I’m hoping, given that work hours have decreased [ poo ] that I’ll actually be able to join one. Seems like fun. Could be interesting. Or I could be too nervous to actually do much typing. XD

    Either way, the additional motivation would be great.

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