We’ve arrived! Have you?

Thanks to our awesome semi-techy Kristy Carey for setting up our brand new website!  Come back often and check for updates.  In the meantime, leave us your webpage in the comments and we’ll reciprocate.  =)

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6 thoughts on “We’ve arrived! Have you?

  1. kyla says:

    This is neat. Spokane should make a tumblr, like nano has 🙂

  2. Kent Bogar says:

    Since you suggested posting sites, I hereby suggest my own:


  3. Christy says:

    This is a great idea! I love having a place to find info that’s quicker and easier to navigate than the NaNo site. Good job!

  4. Just now getting into the whole NaNo. A bit late eh? But we’ve been aware it’ll be hitting us soon. Glad to see there are other people in the Spokane area doing this. Unfortunately I had to work for the kick off party, but I’ll be wishing everyone luck!

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